About Us

What We Do:
We focus on teaching children, parents, teachers, and school board officials about products in health food stores and the benefits of exercising, and eating organic produce and foods.
Organic Fit Kids produces live shows. The shows consist of dance, puppetry, music and magic with the purpose of educating, entertaining and enlightening children, parents, teachers and school board officials on the benefits of fitness, wellness, and organic food.
We also produce DVDs and television programming that parents, teachers and organizations can use as educational tools to teach about fitness, wellness, organic food and character building.
Barry Skywalker, a television producer and fitness trainer, created Organic Fit Kids as a way to educate children, parents, and teachers, using the performing arts of music, theatre, puppetry, dance, and magic.

Character Building: 

"Individual Values and Integrity" You can teach a child to "Just Say No," but when it comes down to crunch time, when they are faced with peer pressure, it's their feelings about themselves that will determine whether they make the right decision.

Children learn what personal integrity is, and how to make choices that lead toward a better life by attending the live shows and watching the DVD presentations.

Our Purpose: 

1. To provide the viewer with the highest quality of information, products and services in the organic food, fitness and wellness industries.

2. To raise the awareness levels of the general public about organic food, fitness and wellness as a way to create healthy and improved lives. 

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