ORGANIC FIT KIDS -- webinar events


If you have a product or service you would like to feature in one of our webinars, contact us with details of your product or service and provide your contact information. Email us at

These webinars will be circulated to parents, teachers, and school board members internationally.

Nutritionalist Liat Golan discusses the dangers of GMO foods and recommends a beneficial children's supplement with Barry and Dingar. 

 Learn from

  • health practitioners
  • alternative medicine doctors
  • natural dentistry
  • chiropractors 
  • nutritionalists 
  • personal fitness trainers
  • and many others.

Find out about new and existing health products and services that will enhance the quality of your life.

 Jai discusses organic gardening and its benefits with Barry and Dingar. She talks about soil erosion and why additional minerals in the soil is so important.


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