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Organic Fit Kids Fitness and Wellness Magazine is a bi-monthly publication serving children, parents, teachers and school-board administrators in the private, public and home-schooling networks.

We are committed to organic food, fitness, natural methods of health, healing, inner growth, wellness products, and earth-friendly living.

Organic Fit Kids Fitness and Wellness Magazine is the voice of dedicated individuals, whose mission is to help children, parents, and teachers live a healthy prosperous life through our promotion of excellent products, services, and cutting edge information.

I believe that promoting your company, products and services in Organic Fit Kids Fitness and Wellness Magazine will prove to be a strong and beneficial avenue for your business. 

Organic Fit Kids Fitness and Wellness magazine publishes six times per year and prints 50,000 copies. These magazines are distributed free to private and public schools, home-schooling centers, health food stores, nutrition centers and natural wellness practitioners. Organic Fit Kids Fitness and Wellness Magazine also has a list of subscribers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Organic Fit Kids Fitness and Wellness Magazine targets the audience that your product or service is designed to reach. Organic Fit Kids Fitness and Wellness Magazine does not sit on a news stand in the hopes that it will reach the desired audience. There is no shelf time; Organic Fit Kids Fitness and Wellness Magazine goes directly into the consumer's hand.

Organic Fit Kids Fitness and Wellness Magazine gives you, the advertiser, a quick turn around on your ad copy. There is no 60- to 90-day lead time as with some publications. Changes can be made quickly within a 30-day period - the fast turn around time eliminates the worry over the need to change your ad prior to publication. Put your advertising dollar to its maximum use and exposure and reach a marketable audience for your product.


ISSUE                         SPACE CLOSES             DISTRIBUTION            

March-April 2015                  February 27, 2015                   March 30, 2015

May-June 2015                       April 30, 2015                           May 29, 2015

July-August 2015                    June 30, 2015                            July 31, 2015

September-October               August 31, 2015                       September 30, 2015

November-December             October 30, 2015                    November 30, 2015



LIVE AREA               7.25" x 9.75"

TRIM SIZE               8" x 10.25"    (8" x 10 1/4") 

BLEED                      8.25" x 10.5" (8 1/4" x 10 1/2")

ARTWORK      Document should be created with a current version of page layout software - Pagemaker                        7.x or current version of Quark Express. A hard copy of printout of each page. All fonts.                            All graphics supplied in either RIFF or EPS file formats ony (wen saving TIFF files do not                            use LZW compression. Do not use Jpeg (.jpg) files. All photos scanned at 300 dpi, all                                  lineart at 500 dpi. Black and white only except for inside and outsides of front and back                            covers which is in color and must be in CMYK. 

AD SIZES        Full page       7.25" x 9.5"        

                        1/2 page        3.5" x 9.5"

                        1/3 page        4.778" x 5"

AD RATES                                  Monthly             3 months           6 months       

                        Full page              $995                    $895                    $795

                        1/2 page                 795                      695                      595

                        1/3 page                 695                      595                      495

Inside Front Cover                     $1095

Inside Back Cover                      $1095

Back Cover                                  $1295

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